Payroll Resources

It's not always easy to navigate the ever changing world of payroll tax and labor regulations. The payroll resources published here are a collection of websites submitted by our members. If you've found a resource that's been helpful to you, please send us an email at with the link so we can share it!

One of the best resources for us all is the American Payroll Association website. Content is always current and easy to find - always check here first! The best place to start is the APA Weblinks page.


Internal Revenue Service

IRS Withholding Calculator

Pennsylvania PSD Rate Address Look Up

Ohio Locality Address Look Up

Labor Regulations

United States Department of Labor

US DOL Posters:

State Minimum Wage Map

State Required Posters:

Other Resources

State Website Links (APA Resource Page)

APA Job Board

Social Security Administration Home Page

Social Security Number Verification Service

Paycheck City Check Calculators

APA Paycard Portal



Social Security Administration
American Payroll Association